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Toby Bucklands Gardenfest
5/20/2015 8:10:04 PM
On 5th & 6th June I will be attending Toby Bucklands Garden Festival at Bowood House in Calne. Follow this link to read more. Gardenfest.
Toby Buckland’s Garden Festivals are the most talked about garden events in the gardening calendar. 
The events, hosted by the popular television gardening expert, have brought new life into the show scene with two-day, value for money, fun, festivals staged in stunning locations.

You can expect to see leading national and local nurseries and growers showcasing the best plants you’ll ever see, and be able to talk directly to the growers.

They are events for plant enthusiasts and for families alike with live music, good food, entertainment and interactive exhibits, all part of a friendly alternative to the larger gardening shows.

Well that's my June taken care of! Hopefully there will be loads of people attending (estimate expected 10k) and I will be really busy after June all the way through to the new year. I'm taking a huge amount of horseshoe sunflowers , some sculptures and garden furniture. Here's to a nice sunnay day where everyone gets their purses out to spend on iron!!

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