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First 5 months
12/26/2013 8:46:53 PM
My first 5 months of my hobby turning into a business!

So here I am 5 months into my hobby getting out of hand! It started with a couple of reclaimed wooden coat racks being made for friends and family and 5 months later I seem to not only be doing a full time job, but a part time job as well! I now have a permanent market stall every month at Nailsworth market, an adorable, up and coming trendy little town where I live. I also get a few commissions for coat racks out of this every month and I have my first blacksmiths commission lined up, even though I've only done one day of my course....may need to call in a professional....its a staircase!

I have joined forces with a friend to rent some extra space as I was beginning to spill onto the pavement outside my house with all the bits and pieces of reclaimed furniture and 'projects' which I seem to have lined up. He's setting up an antiques business so we're pretty well matched with the storage space we're after and we're doing our first antiques fair in March at Newbury, come & see us, http://www.iacf.co.uk/newbury
I'm hoping to sell quite a few old dark oak coat racks, all with vintage / antique hooks on them, hoping they'll be popular!

I am also taking a blacksmtihs course, and am so keen I've just bought myself a little forge on ebay to help me practice! Not sure my neighbours will be that happy about me setting it up though, may need to bribe them...

I had a good day at the Saturday market just before Christmas, was a good move to get lots of small things that would be good novelty presents for Christmas. Not sure if January will be busy, its the end of January rather than the beginning, so you never know, will just keep plugging away and getting my website up to date. I now have my eshop up & running so this may produce more business if I get my social media and SEO sorted out pretty quickly...more work......see you next month, Lizzie :)
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