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New Year new ideas!
So January market was quiet (expected) until the last 5 minutes when I was trying to serve 3 people at once! What I think is great is when I make something for a specific purpose and someone comes along and sees a completely different use for it, but just as practical! They then buy my complete stock, fabulous that we all think in different ways, it's what makes the world go round.

I'm eagerly waiting for the arrival of my new branding kit. It means I can do personalised branded wood products, from coat racks (have already written my first quote out) to branded wooden boxes, basically anything thats made of  wood can be branded, a whole new world to explore and a unique service that you don't come across everyday. Another thing to help me stand out from the crowd and give me that creative edge.
I have left about 5-6 of my smallest coat racks at Emerald Frames Gallery in Chalfont St Peter in Buckinghamshire. Cath - gallery owner and amazing picture framer, see my links page - is going to display them on the inside of her double doors so that when people leave the gallery this is the last thing they will see, hopefully some will be bought and it's another outlet for my business in a well healed area! 
I still haven't found anywhere to put up my Blacksmiths forge yet, but have written to the owner of the empty property down the road from me, asking if I can rent it out, the worst he can say is no, don't expect a quick answer to this though, so am still looking.

I have booked into Marlborough Spring Fair in April, so do come along & see all my new stock on display and have a jolly good day out. My next market in Nailsworth is on Saturday February 22nd, hope to see you there, hope the rain stops and it warms up a bit before then! cheers Lizzie :)
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