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Haycarts and Wagons

Decorative vintage style hay carts are available made to order,

Haycarts come in two sizes, 4ft x 6ft and 6ft x 8ft. They have an iron base frame and are made with either new seasoned oak or reclaimed wood, whichever style you would prefer. The oak is finished with linseed oil and will silver down over time. The wheels are iron. The reclaimed wood used is whatever is available at the time, but the main theme is to make it look old. So little things like hooks and leather webbing and barrels and boxes are added to make up the vintage look and feel.

If they are planted up for the garden they look fabulous or they could just be a garden ornament. Available as static front rolling carts or for extra cost a turn table can be added for front steerage and positioning. These carts are not road worthy ad should be used as decoration only.

The standard cart with front rolling chassis size 4ft x 6ft  is £995 and the 6ft x 8ft cart is £1,200


More decoration, embossed iron and scrolled iron and various other items can be added to the hay carts at extra cost. Delivery can be made UK wide, please send postcode to request a quote.

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